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As of May 2017, I started a journey to self-discovery. I went from emotionally depending on negative individual in my life, to now, freely standing on my own feet. With October quickly approaching, I’ve had time to sit back, and reflect on all the things that have helped keep me inspired throughout the last four months. In this time, I’ve been able to fight a tough emotional struggle, and find my individuality.

In the beginning, I sat down, turned on good music (which I found Ed Sheeran’s lyrics pretty helpful: check these song lyrics out here), and thought about all the things that inspired to me knock out the negative influencers. I tried to understand what I was lacking, and slowly began to integrate those missing pieces. Meanwhile, I recognized what parts of my life were contributing to the negativity, and kicked them to the curb.

I created a list of six tips on how to look for inspiration in your life, as well as my own, through the website My goal was to present these tips through personal pictures that remind me of all hurdles that I had jump over to get where I am today. These tips not only inspire me to keep moving forward, but help me with inspiration in school, in writing, and in journaling. Hopefully, when you look at these tips, you’re able to jump start some inspiration into your routine to help move you forward with your life’s aspirations.

Wills, L. H. (2017, September 28). [Digital image]. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from


9 thoughts on “Find Your Inspiration

  1. Lynsey, your post is super down to earth and shows what type of person you really are! Love your post and inspiration you bring throughout it! Super awesome you went skydiving as well. Thank you for boosting my aspirations ❤


  2. Lynsey, you were vulnerable in this post and the exposure of your past negative lifestyle was very well brought into why you chose to make your infogram about inspiration. I was actually inspired and enjoyed reading this! Stay inspired and with the help from your tips, I will too!


  3. This was AMAZING! Thank you for opening up to us (which can be so scary)! Also need to talk you about skydiving! Wasn’t it the best thing EVER?! Keep inspiring yourself and us!


  4. First of all, good for you for ridding a negative influence out of your life! That takes a lot of strength, you should be so proud of yourself for that. I love everything you mention on how to get inspired, especially the part of Ed Sheeran songs because man, that voice and those words have gotten me through a lot as well. Your infographic is so cute, and I love the bulletin board theme of it. Hope your life continues to get better and better every day! 🙂


  5. Love the 6 little tips you provide us with, definitely something to keep in mind and will help when having a bad day. Thanks for help lifting my spirits!


  6. This is a great blog and your story is inspiration in itself. Being courageous enough to know you have dead weight you’re carrying in your life and eliminating it even when it’s not easy. Focusing on yourself and only worrying about the things you can control and not looking for validation 24/7 is a special skill that many people aren’t fortunate enough to acquire and I believe you’ll go far because of it.


  7. Lynsey, I think your infographic is so creative and it really represents your personal brand and personality. I can see how readers of your blog will really be able to relate to this post because everyone has had a negative person in their life at some point, including myself. This is a great first post and I’m interested to see your future blog posts!


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